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Southern Belle Amongst the California Girls: Moving to LA


November 9, 2013 by itsgosi

Back in August I packed up my violin, a couple suitcases and moved out to LA. 2,000 miles later, I started moving into my new, grown-up apartment. I’ve enjoyed the decorating process, and I decided to share my tips about places to shop so that now you can set-up your own LA apartment.


  • DIY

Why buy decorations when you can make them? After I found out I was moving to CA, I created a display of all of the places I’ve called home. I bought a bunch of 5″x7″ canvases from Hobby Lobby, printed out state/country templates, and painted the states/countries that I’ve lived on each of the canvases (California also has its own canvas now).


  • Melrose Trading Post

I love antiques and furniture with character, so as I set out to furnish my apartment, I searched for flea markets in the LA area. One of my favorites is Melrose Trading Post…every Sunday this market takes place at Fairfax High School and has everything from antique jewelry to custom-made furniture. I found 3 night stands and an awesome coffee table that looks like a suitcase (pictured above) at this flea market.


  • NAK Home


While searching for garage sales in the LA area, I stumbled upon the Facebook page for NAK Home, a couple that refurbishes furniture. I’ve already bought 3 pieces from them (dresser, night stand, and desk), and I have a hunch I’m going to buy more. Each piece is unique and lots of them have wood carvings which create that antique-y feel.


  • IKEA


I love IKEA for filling in the essentials. I needed to quickly set up my apartment, and IKEA was my source for a lot of the basics (silverware, storage, etc.). I even bought my dining room table and chairs from IKEA. I’m pretty pleased with the finished product.


(Featured Image: Personal photo of my apartment)


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