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Oldies, Vanilla Coke and Milkshakes: Dining at Diners


November 4, 2013 by itsgosi

When we travel across the U.S., my family and I try to find a local diner in each area. The oldies music playing on the jukebox, vanilla Cokes flowing from the soda fountain, and the chocolate milkshakes…these are just a few things that make diners so amazing.

Arizona is home to a number of great diners. Check out these 3:

  • MacAlpine’s Soda Fountain: Phoenix, AZ

When Dad and I first traveled to Phoenix to visit Thunderbird, he found MacAlpine’s Soda Fountain. During my one and a half years in Arizona, I frequented this soda fountain. Birthdays, visitors, graduation celebrations…you name it, we were at MacAlpine’s. The chicken salad sandwich is delicious, and you can make a custom flavor soda from 99 syrup flavors (I still stick with my classic, vanilla Coke). Make sure to have a scoop of ice cream and check out the antique store next door before you leave.


  • Twisters Soda Fountain: Williams, AZ

Traveling along the iconic Route 66, diners are abundant. Twisters Soda Fountain is located in Williams, AZ (45 minute drive to the Grand Canyon). Classic diner food and plenty of 50’s paraphernalia…perfect for your all-American experience.


  • Nickel’s Diner: Rio Rico, AZĀ 

Venturing south towards the Mexican border? Stop in Rio Rico and enjoy some of the best breakfast diner food at Nickel’s Diner. Make sure to go early! The diner doesn’t stay open past 2 p.m.


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