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Hidden Gem: Eddie’s Attic


February 4, 2014 by itsgosi

Have you ever heard of Eddie’s Attic? Well in Decatur, GA there’s this small venue in the upstairs of a building that’s launched many of great careers, including John Mayer, The Civil Wars and Sugarland.

Every Monday night Eddie’s hosts an Open Mic Night competition…20 people perform, and the winner of the night gets $100, plus they compete in the Shootout competition which occurs twice a year (the prize for the Shootout is $1000). I had the opportunity to play at Eddie’s multiple times, and the band I played with actually made it to the Shootout twice.┬áIt’s a great opportunity to perform, but also meet other songwriters.

Need a place to share your new songs? Take a trip down to Eddie’s.

Just think….this could be you…


Like the Civil Wars? Click below to listen to more of their music…

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