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Hidden Gem: Dick’s Hideaway


February 9, 2014 by itsgosi

On the outskirts of Phoenix city limits in the Richardson area, there’s a restaurant tucked away in between a row of small shops. This unsuspecting restaurant has no sign on the door, but it’s always full of patrons…welcome to Dick’s Hideaway.

My dad and I stumbled upon this restaurant during our first visit to Phoenix, and it was an instant favorite. During my time in Phoenix, Dick’s was the go-to restaurant for all big occasions – Valentine’s Day, Birthday celebrations, Graduation celebration, or even a Saturday brunch with the girls – it all happened at Dick’s.

My go-to order is the Richardson combo (off the lunch menu) – it’s one jalapeƱo benedict, 2 chicken enchiladas, and asparagus hollandaise. Make sure to order a prickly pear/cactus ice tea! Hey, when in Phoenix, right?

Dick's Hideaway


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