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Happiest Place on Earth: Disneyland


February 25, 2014 by itsgosi

Nathan and I recently went to the happiest place on Earth…Disneyland!

Although both of us visited Disney World, neither of us had visited the original Disney theme park in California!

Here are a few tips for maneuvering through the park:

  • Get There Early!

Make sure to get to the park early! You can even pay a little extra to get into the park an hour early…check out the early admission options.


  • Prioritize the Rides


Especially on the weekends, it’s difficult to go on every ride, so sit down with your group and prioritize which rides you want to ride. My technique is to circle the rides we want to go on, and then check within the circle after we ride it.


  • Plan to Wait


It’s Disneyland, so expect a crowd and a wait time for these rides. Make sure to pack water, snacks, and a good attitude. Think of the wait time as quality time to catch up with the other people in your group.


  • Hydrate and Eat!


Make sure to stay hydrated and eat! You’re going to be on your feet outside most of the day, so this is a necessity. You can bring your own food into the park or there are plenty of restaurants within the park.


  • Be a Kid Again!

It’s Disneyland…let your inner kid run free! Wear Mickey ears, ride the teacup ride, and most importantly, have fun!!


Featured Image: Personal Photo


  1. Sameer Bhargava says:

    Good to have you back GOSI!! Good advice, especially the getting there early part. Any suggestions for good rides?

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