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Seafood Smorgasbord


June 28, 2013 by itsgosi

One of the best things about the Alabama coast is the seafood!

Having trouble deciding where to eat? Check out these delicious, affordable restaurants:

  • The Gulf

Located in Orange Beach, The Gulf is a popular spot with excellent views of the ocean. It’s got a great vibe and you can sit at picnic tables or in comfortable chairs in the sand. Also, make sure to check out what album is being played over the loudspeakers (the restaurant always plays vinyl albums).

What to order: I recommend the grouper sandwich and a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade.


  • Flora-Bama Yacht Club

Across from the iconic Flora-Bama, the Flora-Bama Yacht Club serves up delicious meals any day of the week. Got a boat? Arrive to the yacht club via water. Make sure to check the schedule to find out when live bands will be performing!

What to order: I recommend the yellow fin tuna with shoestring sweet potatoes and topped with chipotle lobster sauce.


  • Sea-N-Suds

As a kid, Sea-N-Suds was my absolute favorite restaurant. Located in Gulf Shores, this restaurant has excellent fresh seafood and is literally on the water.

What to order: I recommend the stuffed crabs or oysters!


  • Café Beignets

Ok, so this isn’t seafood, but beignets are ah-mazing! Perhaps it’s the fact that I was born in New Orleans, but for some reason whenever I find a place that serves good beignets, I feel the need to tell EVERYONE. Make sure to visit Café Beignets before noon because they’re only opened in the morning.

What to order: I recommend an order of the original, plain beignets.


Featured Image: Personal Image of the Flora-Bama Yacht Club


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