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Guest Post: Traveling with 100 dollars, 24 hours & 2 Infograms


June 30, 2013 by itsgosi

When I discovered that I would be a guest blogger on It’s GOSI – I was excited but at the same time extremely puzzled. Is it possible that there are some topics that just cannot be combined together?

It’s GOSI delightfully covers all things travel with a unique charm that can only be captured by Sarah. On the other hand, my own Blog of Babel tries to bridge the gap between marketing, social media, linguistics and Egyptology.

Um, can someone give me a clue? What do our blogs have in common?

Answer: a whole lot.

For my guest blog post I have decided to look at social media, tech and travel. Show of hands – who knows what an infogram is? An infogram is a detailed representation of data in a clever or engaging way. Usually presented as one long ribbon picture that scrolls on for pages, it can be used very creatively to engage users and powerfully convey ideas.

I’ve found a two interesting travel infograms that really do the job well. Take a peak! We can discuss them after the break!

(For an enlarged view, click the image above)

From these infograms we’ve learned a few things – only travel to Oslo when you have a real job, southeastern Asia is a must for students and Southwest is an amazing airline (but, we already knew that).

Based on the information from these infograms I would argue that my next trip should be with American Airlines (their hidden fees seem to be comparably lower than competition – especially if I change my plans) on a trip to Bangkok, Thailand! Yes, please!!

You have to love the ease with which readers can extract information from infograms and make more informed decisions!

– Andrew


Featured Image: Blog of Babel header



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