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School, Paris, and Historic Hotels: Culver City Restaurants


November 15, 2013 by itsgosi

I love downtown Culver City. The quaint main street is lined with eclectic restaurants that draw foodies from all over LA. If you’re in the LA area, make sure to check out these restaurants.

  • Public School

Public School is a restaurant decked out with composition book menus, a microscope-lined wall, and the best bacon cheddar tater tots I’ve ever tasted (listed in their “study group,” a.k.a. appetizer section). Make sure to try the lemon meringue mason jar dessert.


  • Kay ‘n Daves

Kay ‘n Daves is the first restaurant I ever ate at in Culver City. My two favorite dishes are the salmon enchiladas and the kitchen sink burrito (try the steak).


  • Honey’s Kettle

Honey’s Kettle has some of the best fried chicken that I’ve ever tasted (well ok, the best fried chicken outside of the South). When I’m homesick and need comfort food, the fried chicken and biscuits is a great fix.


  • Meet In Paris

I’ve got a passion for French culture and food, and I was pleased to find out that Meet in Paris, a cute, little French cafe was just down the street on Culver Blvd. The weekend brunch is excellent, and I plan to try a crepe during my next visit.


  • Culver Hotel

The Culver Hotel has an delicious brunch menu. Sit in the outside eating area and make sure to try the eggs benedict.


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