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Say Hello to Ojai


July 2, 2017 by itsgosi

Literally pronounced, “Oh Hi,” Ojai is a great escape from the hubbub and chaos of Los Angeles. Located northwest of LA, this artisan community is known for its boutique hotels, art and retreats.


  • Visit Downtown Ojai

There’s adorable boutiques, unique art galleries and more in downtown Ojai. Use the visitor bureau’s walking map to navigate downtown Ojai.


  • Tap Into the Local Arts and Culture Scene

Visit the Ojai Art Center‘s current activities to see what types of art festivals, galleries, plays, and music events are occurring during your stay.


  • Hiking

Hike through the nearby Los Padres National Forest. There’s opportunities for lots of opportunities for additional outdoor activities including camping, swimming, etc.


  • Spend a Day at a Spa

Have a relaxing spa day at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, dubbed one of the top spa destinations in the world. Pamper yourself with one of the many spa treatments offered at this luxurious facility.


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