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More Music Than You Could Imagine


July 16, 2013 by itsgosi

Nashville is known as the hub for country and Christian music, but there’s so much more music than just those two genres. Rock, Folk, Americana, Jazz, Rap…you name the genre and there is a Nashville band that fits in it.

Rock and indie bands play everywhere around the city. You just have to know the right places to look. The Basement and Exit/In are two venues that continually features rock bands. Driving in your car? Tune in to Nashville’s Independent Radio, Lightning 100 to listen to local bands. Madi Diaz, More Hazards More Heroes, and Moon Taxi are just a few of the rock/indie artists who have called Nashville their home. If you’re around in the fall, make sure to check out Soundland, a music festival that features local Nashville bands.

Legendary songwriters also find a home in Nashville; for instance, look at John Hiatt. The legendary songwriter who wrote numerous iconic songs, including “Have a Little Faith in Me,” “Riding with the King,” “Cry Love,” etc. resides in Nashville.

This town also overflows with folk and Americana music…look at Sunny Leigh Shipley. The Texas native found a home in Nashville for years and developed music that bridges the gap between country, folk, and Americana. Watch out for her album release this next year!

Want to listen to more Nashville-based bands? Check out my Spotify playlist:

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