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Have a Nice Trip: Nice, France


April 23, 2014 by itsgosi

As we’re all facing the cold winter weather in this blustery February, I find myself daydreaming about far away beach towns – Nice in particular.

During my five months in southern France, I traveled to Nice with my study abroad group and then revisited the belle ville with 4 friends during a backpacking trip.

So what should one do during their stay in Nice?


  • Spend a Day at the Beach

Pack a picnic and enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Make sure to wear sun screen!


  • Visit Old Town Nice

Wander around Old Town Nice…there are plenty of flower markets, flea markets, cathedrals, etc. It’s also a fun area to grab a coffee or glass of wine at a cafe and people watch.

Old Town Nice


  • Climb to the Top of the Citadel

If you walk to the end of the beach, there’s a citadel that you can climb up in order to get some great views of the beach.


  • Day Trip to Monte Carlo

Nice borders Monaco, so take a day to hop over to the infamous Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo


  • Festival of Flowers

In New Orleans people celebrate Mardi Gras season by street parades and throwing beads. In Nice, les Français have elaborate street parades and throw beautiful yellow flowers to on-lookers.

100_0701 100_0710 Nice


  • Mail Postcards to Family & Friends

During my last visit to Nice, I sent my sister a postcard…when she received it she looked at my mom and said, “Sarah sent me a nice postcard!” (The word “Nice” was written across the top). That being said – make sure to send plenty of nice postcards 🙂



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