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Food for the Road: Northwest Restaurants


October 5, 2014 by itsgosi

Making a roadtrip up the Northwest coast? You’re going to need some food for the road. Here are a few recommendations by city:

Portland, OR:

  • Kennedy School: Of course I have to recommend my favorite Portland-based restaurant/hotel/movie theater/venue…Kennedy School. The Courtyard restaurant within Kennedy School has delicious entrees and a well-stocked bar. I recommend the NY Steak Salad and the dessert sampler.


Long Beach, WA:

  • Cottage Bakery: In downtown Long Beach, there’s a family-run bakery that’s got a wide array of delicious choices. Doughnuts, bear claws, pies, rumballs, cupcakes…take your pick!
  • The Lost Roo: This casual dining restaurant has an Australian theme and food choices that any Aussie would love. Try the Classic Roo Burger and an old-fashioned ginger ale.
  • Chico’s Pizza Parlor: After a long day at the beach, sometimes you just want a slice of pizza, and Chico’s is the perfect spot. It’s good food, affordable, and a great location for large groups.


St. Helens, WA:

  • Kozy Korner: As we were driving up the coast, we stopped in this diner. It’s exactly as it sounds…a cozy little diner and the food was delicious. Make sure to try the fish & chips.


Hope you enjoy these restaurants!!


Featured Image: Personal photo from Kennedy School


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