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Bon Appétit: Aix-en-Provence


May 16, 2013 by itsgosi

In addition to the fresh vegetable & fruit markets, there are a wealth of great restaurants, boulangeries, pâtisseries, and supermarchés in Aix.

Here are a few suggestions for places to eat:

  • Crêpes à GoGo

Crêpes à GoGo is an awesome to-go crêpe stand at the end of the Cours Mirabeau (the side near the Rotonde…big fountain & roundabout). It’s a little tricky to find since it’s underneath the street in a passageway, but look for the entrance by the merry-go-round. They’ve got great savory and dessert crêpes. My favorites are jambon et champignons and  nutella et banane. (Click here for the address)


  • Les Deux Garçons


Les Deux Garçons is a famous café in town (known as a spot where Paul Cézanne would go eat). It’s located off the Cours Mirabeau, and it’s a good place to sit outside and people watch.


  • Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam is next to Les Deux Garçons, and they serve Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! It’s known as the American café, and it was my favorite place to go when I felt homesick.


  • Pâtisserie Béchard


Pâtisserie Béchard is a little pricey, but is one of the best bakeries in town, and it’s also located on the Cours Mirabeau. Pain au raisin is my favorite.


  • La Cure Gourmande

La Cure Gourmande is an awesome cookie and candy shop. It’s a chain and there are two locations in Aix…the one I preferred was close to the Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall). They have cute, inexpensive tins that you can fill will candy/cookies. You also should try calissons…they are native to Aix.


  • ED



Ed is an affordable supermarket where you can buy all of the groceries that you need. There’s also an affordable boulangerie (bakery) next door.

(Note: If you want a baguette but don’t plan on eating the whole thing, ask for a demi-baguette…translation: 1/2 baguette)


Bon appétit!!


Featured Image: Personal image (Vegetable market in Aix-en-Provence)


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